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Kiiroo presenta el dispositivo de succión interactivo ‘PowerBlow’, Victoria June ‘Feel’ Stroker

Kiiroo has introduced its new PowerBlow interactive suction device, which can be paired with the newly released FeelVictoria June Mouth Stroker and other compatible sleeves.

«The PowerBlow is an evolution of more than two years of research and development that has come to life in a small, compact product that is compatible with the Kiiroo range of Feel Strokers to create an intense suction experience mimicking blowjobs,» said a rep. «When paired with the FeelVictoria June Mouth stroker users can enjoy connecting with blowjob adult content using the FeelConnect app to feel what they see on screen in real time.»

Kiiroo CEO Toon Timmermans enthused about the PowerBlow.

«I am thrilled that we can finally show PowerBlow off to the world,» he said. «Our team has worked extremely hard to give our customers the best interactive experiences both online and off. We have invested in a number of significant feature updates in our FeelConnect app to allow users to customize their blowjobs to their liking.»

June echoed Timmermans praise of the new product.

«I can’t wait to have my fans join me in a new and engaging way by experiencing my blowjob content in real time with the PowerBlow,» she said. 

For more information, visit Kiiroo.



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